Health Indicators of the Population of Khromtau District of Aktobe Region


  • Vera Rybakova Khromtau central district hospital
  • Gulshara Berdesheva West Kazakhstan State Medical University named after M. Ospanov


primary health care, population health indicators, socially significant diseases, morbidity, mortality



The study presents the dynamics and characteristics of demographic indicators, as well as health indicators of the population of the Khromtau district of the Aktobe region in the period 2019-2020, in the aspect of studying the impact on the statistical indicators of the SARS-COVID-19 pandemic.

The purpose of the study was to assess the territorial features of primary health care indicators in Khromtau district of Aktobe region for 2021-2020.

Research methods included elements of descriptive statistics. The general demographic indicators, the results of screening studies, the performance indicators of the Disease Management Program, the dynamics of morbidity and mortality rates of the population due to socially determined and monitored diseases were analyzed.

Results. In 2020, there is a decrease in primary morbidity by 29.4% (8 807.5 0/0000 (2019 – 12 447.10/0000)). Primary morbidity in the district decreased due to the child population – 10 703.70/0000 (2019 year - 21 533.70/0000).This can be explained in general by a decrease in the number of people seeking medical care for chronic diseases during the pandemic. However, the mortality figures for individual nosologies show an increase in rates, which in turn may also be due to late seeking medical attention Mortality from tuberculosis in 2020 was 1.60/0000 (2019 - 1.30/0000), from diseases of the circulatory system - 28.50/0000 (2019 - 15.30/0000), from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract for 2020 - 39.50/0000 (2019 - 15.30/0000); from diseases of the urinary system for 2020 - 37.30/0000 (2019 - 32.80 / 0000); as a result of injuries and accidents for 21.90/0000 (2019 - 6.60/0000).

Conclusions. Despite the decrease in primary morbidity, there has been an increase in mortality, which most likely represents the consequences of the pandemic, including the restriction of the population's access to medical care, and in the future, primary health care efforts should be directed to active prevention and detection of chronic diseases.



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