Analysis of Current Standards for Ensuring Radiation Safety in Radiation Diagnostics in the Republic of Kazakhstan


  • Ainara Darbayeva Astana Medical University
  • Galiya Orazova Astana Medical University
  • Tairkhan Dautov University Medical Center
  • Roza Suleimenova Astana Medical University


radiation diagnostics, radiation safety, ionizing radiation, standards in radiology, labor safety, patient safety


The nuclear heritage of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the unfavorable ecological situation, as well as the increase in the frequency of prescribing and conducting diagnostic studies with ionizing radiation by practical health care specialists, in turn, attract attention to such an urgent problem as radiation safety of the population.
The purpose of this review was to identify the main problems that prevent the sustainable development of the field of radiation safety by differentiating the existing normative legal acts and other normative documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan related to radiation diagnostics.
As part of the descriptive review, an analysis of 9 normative legal acts regulating radiation safety issues of the Republic of Kazakhstan was carried out.
The results of the research showed that in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the experience of successful regulation aimed at protecting patients and medical personnel from the adverse effects of ionizing radiation has been formed. However, there are aspects that need to be supplemented at the local level.


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Author Biographies

Ainara Darbayeva, Astana Medical University


Galiya Orazova, Astana Medical University

Associate Professor of the Department of Public Health and Hygiene

Tairkhan Dautov, University Medical Center

Director of the Clinical and academic department of radiology and nuclear medicine

Roza Suleimenova, Astana Medical University

Head of the Department of Public Health and Hygiene