Nurses’ Role and Participation in the Management in Children Respiratory Diseases


  • Aizhan Baituganova Astana Medical University
  • Gulnar Zhaksylykova Astana Medical University
  • Ulbosyn Saltabayeva Astana Medical University
  • Jurate Macijauskiene Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Kaunas Hospital
  • Zaure Baigozhina Astana Medical University
  • Assem Kazangapova Astana Medical University
  • Gauhar Kuanyshbayeva Astana Medical University


Nursing care, primary medical care, pediatrics, respiratory diseases


Pediatric respiratory pathology has its unique characteristics and requires specialized approaches in diagnostics, treatment, and care.
In many countries, programs are being developed and implemented to optimize nursing care for children with such diseases, which can serve as
a valuable source of experience for nurses.
The current review aims to describe the existing data on the role of nurses in the management of respiratory diseases in children in primary care settings.
Literature searches were conducted in electronic databases including PubMed/Medline, CINAHL, Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, and ProQuest for the period from 2012 to 2023. The following key search queries were used: nurses, nursing roles, primary health care, pediatrics, respiratory diseases. Inclusion criteria were peer-reviewed studies, including quantitative and qualitative studies, as well as mixedmethods research.
Numerous studies demonstrate that nurses significantly improve the quality of life for patients by reducing the number of acute disease episodes and decreasing the need for hospitalization. This is achieved through the effective use of clinical protocols and continuous improvement of their knowledge and skills. Educational programs developed by nurses increase children's and their parents' awareness of the diseases, aiding in better inhalation techniques and overall disease management. This highlights the importance of nurses' roles in education and consultative
support. Thus, extensive research confirms the importance of nursing in managing respiratory diseases in children and underscores the need
for further development of nurse role in the healthcare system. Strengthening and expanding the competencies of nurses in this area can lead to
more effective and high-quality care for children with respiratory diseases.


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Author Biographies

Aizhan Baituganova, Astana Medical University

PhD student

Gulnar Zhaksylykova, Astana Medical University


Ulbosyn Saltabayeva, Astana Medical University

Head of the Nursing Department

Jurate Macijauskiene, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Kaunas Hospital

Dean of the Faculty of Nursing

Zaure Baigozhina , Astana Medical University

Dean of the Nursing School

Assem Kazangapova, Astana Medical University

Assistant professor of the  Nursing Department

Gauhar Kuanyshbayeva , Astana Medical University

Head of the Basics of medicine Department