Solid Organ Transplantation in Kazakhstan: A Review on Current Situation and Challenges


  • Yuryi Pya University Medical Center
  • Aigerim Abdiorazova University Medical Center
  • Sholpan Altynova University Medical Center
  • Gulnur Daniyarova University Medical Center
  • Aruzhan Asanova University Medical Center
  • Saule Shaysultanova University Medical Center


liver transplantation, heart transplantation, kidney transplantation, organ donation, Kazakhstan


Transplantation is one of the important strategic directions of medicine in Kazakhstan, which has been intensively developing in recent years. Noteworthy progress is observed in the implementation of advanced transplantation technologies aligned with global standards within scientific institutions and regional clinics across the country. However, there are certain problems in this field associated with the shortage of organs, transplantation for individuals in advanced disease stages, the growing need for re-transplantation, and adverse effects associated with
immunosuppressive therapy. In this review, we aim to summarize the current situation of solid organ transplantation in Kazakhstan and the challenges hindering transplantation in the country.
A literature search encompassing the Cochrane Library, Medline, and EMBASE, spanning until December 2023, was conducted. Search was done manually and using the following keywords: transplantation in Kazakhstan, liver transplantation, kidney transplantation, heart transplantation, coordination centers, and immunosuppression.
For the effective work of the transplant coordination service and the provision of donors to the population, an integrated approach is needed, including organization of educational campaigns to disseminate information among the population, expanding the network of transplant coordination centers, creating a donation model based on the presumption of consent, and eliminating the free disposal of human organs.


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Yuryi Pya, University Medical Center

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Sholpan Altynova , University Medical Center

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Gulnur Daniyarova, University Medical Center

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Saule Shaysultanova, University Medical Center

General Manager of the Department of Medical and Regulatory Affairs