Strategy of Transformation of a Medical University into a Research university


  • Vitaliy Koikov Salidat Kairbekova National Scientific Center for Health Development


research university, medical education, research and innovative activity


The transformation of medical universities into research universities is one of the promising models for the development
of organizations of higher and postgraduate medical education. Development according to the model of a research university
based on the generation of new knowledge through research and development, effective management of intellectual property and
commercialization of new knowledge and developments will ensure the broad development of fundamental and applied scientific
research for the needs of the industry and the country, training based on scientific achievements, broad international partnership
in science with leading academic and scientific centers, as well as large-scale promotion of the results of scientific research and
innovations in the practice and policy of healthcare.
The purpose of this study was to select and justify the necessary conditions and measures for the transformation of
medical universities into a research university. To achieve this goal, the domestic and international experience of creating research
universities was analyzed. The object of the study in Kazakhstan was the development programs of research universities already
established in Kazakhstan. The analysis of Kazakhstan's experience indicates that both multidisciplinary universities and universities
with specialized areas (technical, medical, agrotechnical) can receive the status of a research university. The transformation in the
research university is aimed at significantly strengthening the scientific component in the university's activities by widely attracting
funding from domestic and foreign grant-givers, increasing funding from the University for scientific research, creating a broad
infrastructure for research and innovative activities at the university, creating favorable conditions and motivation for the teaching
staff to engage in research and innovative activities, supporting scientific schools, opening a commercialization office and a business
incubator, developing scientific publications of the university, etc. All these measures are aimed at increasing the share of income from
scientific activities, the growth of publications, the citation rate of articles, the number of international and national patents, the volume
of commercialization of research results, improving positions in national and global science rankings, etc.
An analysis of international experience indicates that a modern research university works in the interests of a dynamically
developing society, it is a training center, a leading research center, as well as a center for innovation and translation of the results of
scientific and innovative activities into the field of practical application.
The proposed strategy for the transformation of medical universities into research universities includes the following key
areas: strengthening and continuous development of the university's human resources in the field of scientific and innovative activities;
formation of an effective infrastructure for scientific and innovative activities of university staff and students; improvement of
management mechanisms of scientific and innovative activities at the University; creation of an effective environment for involving
students in science and supporting young scientists; strengthening cooperation on scientific and innovative activities with leading
foreign and domestic universities, research centers, enterprises of the medical and pharmaceutical industry; gaining recognition in
scientific and innovative activities at the national and international level