Kazakhstan Healthcare System Within Independence: Main Stages and the Perspectives of the Development


  • Assiya Turgambayeva Astana Medical University
  • Serik Ibrayev Astana Medical University
  • Serik Ibrayev Medical Centre Hospital of President’s Affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan


independence, stages of development of healthcare, government programs, health indicators


Significant changes have taken place in all spheres of activity, including in the field of healthcare over the 30 years of
Independence. Medical and demographic indicators, health indicators, their structure, personnel and other resources show the dynamics
of past and current changes to determine future trends. This study was performed to analyze the development path of the republic's
healthcare system over the years of independence. We conducted a review of program and conceptual documents, in particular "The
Concept of further development of healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan", approved by the Decree of the Government of the
Republic of Kazakhstan dated May 25, 2000 №790, as well state programs for the development of healthcare.
The comprehensive measures taken have made it possible to improve medical and demographic indicators. Resource-saving,
stationary substitution technology has been developed. The material and technical base of medical organizations is being improved,
healthcare facilities fitted with modern equipment have been put into operation.
A competitive environment is being formed among medical service providers. A stable epidemiological situation has been
ensured for most infectious diseases with a high 95% coverage of immunization against 11 vaccine-controlled infections.
The volume of the journal article does not allow analyzing all the achievements, shortcomings and problems of healthcare over
the years of independence. However, the trend in the development of the healthcare system allows us to conclude that the domestic
industry in the future will take its rightful place in the global healthcare system and the population of the country will be provided with
medical care that meets the international standard of advanced countries.