Assessment of the quality of life associated with health among residents of Nur-Sultan who have had COVID-19


  • Zhanar Orazbekova
  • Galiya Orazova Astana Medical University


coronovirus infection, COVID-19 , health-related quality of life , post-coronavirus disease


This review analyzed the results of 8 meta-analyses and systematic reviews that assessed the quality of life of patients who have had
In patients with acute COVID-19 who were in intensive care units, quality of life is significantly lower than in patients with a long course of
coronovirus infection. Decreases in HRQoL in COVID-19 survivors are most commonly associated with long-term manifestations of the disease, such as
fatigue, shortness of breath, anosmia, sleep disturbances, and worsen mental health.
There are significant differences in HRQoL among COVID-19 survivors based on gender, age, disease severity, and study country. COVID-19
affects the HRQoL of women, patients with severe comorbidities, and patients over the age of 60, especially in patients from low-income countries. The
long-term impact of COVID-19 on patients' HRQoL is still in the early stages of investigation.
The results of this review led us to conclude that the EQ-5D-5L is an effective tool for assessing HRQoL in post-COVID-19 patients.

Author Biography

Galiya Orazova, Astana Medical University

Associate Professor of the Department of Public Health and Hygiene







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