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Template for review article

Review article
J Health Dev 2017; (3):xx-xx

DOI: (to be completed by the editorial board)

Title of the article in English

Short title of the article in English

ABSTRACT (The volume of the abstract should not exceed 300 words)

The abstract of review articles is made in the form of a single paragraph, which contains information on the relevance of the selected topic. Abbreviated words should not be used in  the abstract.

Keywords: (When selecting keywords, authors should strictly use medical subject headings (MeSH) and the Index Medicus list)

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Түйін сөздер:

Название статьи на русском языке


Ключевые слова:


Recieved: (to be completed by the editorial board)

Accepted: (to be completed by the editorial board)

(short title of the article in Enflish)                                                                     

The text of the review articles has an introduction, as well as the main part structured into subsections with titles and conclusion.


1. Introduction

Purpose of the study

The essence and purpose should be clearly defined. It is necessary to justify and indicate the specific objectives of the article.

2. Title of subsection

In the review article there may be several subsections

3. Conclusion

Conclusion should be related to the purpose of the article and in the form of a single paragraph. Conclusion should not contain unqualified statements.

Conflict of the interests


1- Authors. Title of the article. Title of the Journal. Year published; volume (issue number): first article page-last page of the article.


Figure 1. Figure name

Table1: Table name

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