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Information For Authors

Before submitting an article online to the “Journal of Health Development” (here in after – the Journal), authors are encouraged to carefully review the “Instruction for authors”. An article submitted to the editorial board of the Journal should not be simultaneously examined by another publisher.

For the peer-review and publication of articles from the authors, the fee is not charged.

Peer-review procedure

All scientific articles submitted to the editorial board of the Journal are subject to mandatory peer-review. The selection of reviewers is carried out by the decision of the editor-in-chief. For the peer-review of manuscripts, highly qualified specialists of both the Republican Center for Health Development and other organizations / countries with deep professional knowledge and work experience in a particular area can be recruited.

Material received for peer-review is considered to be a confidential document. The peer-review period of the article by one reviewer is 2 weeks, except for cases requiring a deeper analysis of the manuscript.

The author should prepare a response to the reviewer on all issues that were provided in the text of the peer-review.

The procedure for appealing against the decision of the editorial board

The author has the right to appeal against the editorial board’s decision on the rejection of the article or the need to correct the text at the direction of the reviewer. In case of such a situation, the author must send a request with a statement of the problem and proof of his position in the name of the editor-in-chief of the Journal. The editor-in-chief, having familiarized himself with the claim, directs the article for additional peer-review or informs the author about the fairness of the comments of the reviewer and the need to correct the article.

In the case of proven evidence of plagiarism or falsification of data, the article is rejected without the right of re-filing.

Issues of Potential Conflicts of Interest

When submitting the manuscript to the editorial board of the Journal, the author must make an unequivocally interpreted statement about a possible conflict of interests in the text of the cover letter when submitting the article for consideration by the editorial board.

The editorial board of the Journal considers all situations where there are financial, personal or professional conditions that may affect the scientific judgment of the reviewer or editor and, as a consequence, the decision of the editoria

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