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Editorial policy


When developing the editorial policy, the publisher of the scientific and practical journal - the Republican Center for Health Development was based on the recommendations of international organizations on the ethics of scientific publications:

• Leadership of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE);

• Recommendations of the European Association of Scientific Editors (EASE).

Ethics of publication

The editorship of the Journal of Health Development (hereinafter – the Journal) remains faithful to the principles of scientific honesty. The magazine adheres to the guidelines of the Committee on Publications Ethics (COPE), and also counts on the corresponding position of the authors.

The Editorial Board of the Journal undertakes not to use it for personal purposes and not to transmit to third parties unpublished materials submitted for consideration (or rejected from publication).

The Editorial Board of the Journal is always ready to publish corrections, explanations, apologies and refutations concerning the material published in the journal's issues, if necessary. The journal does not leave unanswered claims concerning the manuscripts considered. If a conflict situation is identified, the editorial board will take all measures to restore the violated rights.

The editorial board of the Journal resolutely criticizes and rejects manuscripts in case of finding facts of submitting an article to several magazines, plagiarism, fabrication and falsification of data.

Policy of peer-review

All manuscripts submitted to the editorial board of the Journal are "double-blind" (anonymous) peer review by two experts. The selection of reviewers is carried out by the decision of the editor-in-chief. For the review of manuscripts, highly qualified specialists of both the Republican Center for Health Development and other organizations / countries with deep professional knowledge and work experience in a particular area can be recruited.

Material received for review is considered a confidential document. The Editorial Board of the Journal notifies the reviewers that the manuscripts sent to them refer to information that is not subject to disclosure. Violation of confidentiality is possible only in the case of a referee's statement about unreliability or falsification of the materials stated in the article. The review period of the article by one reviewer must not exceed two weeks from the day of receipt of the article for review, except for cases requiring a deeper analysis of the manuscript.

Peer-reviewing is not paid.

If there is an indication in the review report of the need to correct it, then the article is sent to the author for appropriate revision. If the article on the recommendations of the reviewer has undergone significant authorial processing, it is sent for reconsideration to the same referee who made critical remarks.

The editorial board of the Journal reserves the right to reject articles in the event of the author's inability or unwillingness to take into account the wishes of the editorial board.

If there are negative reviews of the manuscript from two different experts or one review of its revised version, the article is rejected from the publication without further consideration.

The decision on the possible publication after the review is taken by the editor-in-chief, and if necessary by the editorial board.

The author of the article not accepted for publication is sent a motivated refusal. The name of the reviewer can be reported to the author only with the consent of the reviewer. 

Declaration on the policy of access to materials

The journal edition supports an open access policy (Open Access). Typically, full-text versions of all published articles are available on the Journal's website.

The Journal edition uses the Creative Commons Attribution (BY) * license, which allows readers to download, distribute our releases.


Declaration on the cost of publications for authors

The publisher of the Journal bears all expenses for the production and release of the magazine, including the provision of circulation, Internet hosting and archiving.

For the review and publication of articles from the authors, the fee is not charged.

The printed circulation of the Journal is distributed according to the approved mailing list.

Declaration of Conflict of Interest

When submitting the manuscript to the editorial board of the Journal, the author must make an unequivocally interpreted statement about a possible conflict of interests in the text of the cover letter when submitting the article for consideration by the editorial board.

The editorial board of the Journal considers all situations where there are financial, personal or professional conditions that may affect the scientific judgment of the reviewer or editor and, as a consequence, the decision of the editorial board to publish the article.

Editors and reviewers can also declare a potential conflict of interest, which may affect the decision of the editorial board.

If there is a conflict of interest between the editor or reviewer with the author of the article, the article will be transferred to another editor or reviewer, respectively. The evaluation of the article submitted to the editorial staff of the Journal will not be biased. The presence of a conflict of interest, declared by one of the participants in the review and review process, does not in itself lead to a refusal to publish, since the most important criterion for evaluating the manuscript is its scientific quality.

Copyright Declaration

When submitting a manuscript for review, the author signs the "Transfer form of copyrights". Thus, in the case of acceptance for publication, the ownership of the article passes to the Journal.

When you reprint an article previously published in the Journal, the author must obtain permission from the editorial board.

If the manuscript is not published in the Journal, the transfer of copyright does not have legal force.

Declaration of Privacy

Information about the authors (name, first name, patronymic, name of the affiliated organization, address of the organization, e-mail address, telephone) provided by them for publication in the Journal becomes available to an indefinite number of persons, to which the authors give their written consent by signing the "The transfer of the copyrights form".

The list of necessary information about authors is posted on the Journal's website in the section "For authors". The publication of the said information is carried out in the interests of the authors with a view to full and correct consideration of publications and their quoting by the relevant bibliographic organizations and to ensure the possibility of contacts between the authors and the scientific community.

Personal information provided by the authors to the Journal, in addition to the information listed in the requirements, including additional email addresses and phone numbers, will be used exclusively for contacts with authors in the process of preparing an article for publication. The Editorial Board of the Journal undertakes not to transfer this personal information to third parties who may use it for other purposes.

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